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Add new levels of professionalism and branding to your office staff and workforce. Uniforms and branded attire not only add trust, branding and recognition to your operation, but it is also a great tool for confidence and team building.



Select the attire, uniform or work gear


shirtsPlain.jpgUptown Art offers a full range of garments for you to custom screenprint or embroider. T-shirts, jerseys, shirts, jackets, vests, all weather gear, etc. Simply select the material, style, colour and quantity.

We source our garments from a range of suppliers as well as offering custom made clothing specially made to fit your purpose.



Select from our wide range of suppliers.




Select logo, design and position of the artwork


shirtsLogos.jpgDecide on a logo, theme and the position of the artwork on the material you have selected. Select the best options of screen printing or embroidering and forward any artwork you have to us by email.

Our in-house art department can help you design a smart, functional logo for your business or incorporate any artwork you already have.

Should you have any questions along the way, please contact us for free advice.




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